Large 38L Gorilla Tub

The 38L large Gorilla Tub® is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. It’s perfect for us at the stable, around the home and in the garden.

You can use Gorilla Tubs® for mixing, pouring, carrying, plastering and many more. Flex the large tub to sweep into, mix potting soils, carry water or toss it to your kids and have them clean their room. The golf patterned handles make Gorilla Tub® easy to carry around – use it as an organiser in your boot or garage.

Made of food grade material, Gorilla Tub® can be used for keeping groceries in your boot.  Great for soaking lingerie, storing Lego and sorting laundry. And if you leave our tubs outdoor for the whole year, you don’t have to worry about them cracking, shattering or fading, as Gorilla Tubs® are weather resistant.

Available in a choice of bright colours so you can pick your favourite! Previously known as Tubtrugs.

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Pistachio, Green, Sky Blue, Purple, Pink